Terms of use

Website terms and conditions are available at www.waterstore.ae  

Customer - the individual, either natural or legal, who places an order on www.waterstore.ae  


Online store: An online presence that the merchant owns and operates under the domain name www.waterstore.ae.The goods and services, as well as the terms of payment and delivery, are displayed here for customers to register their orders. 

Site – www.waterstore.ae  

Product: A good or object that is intended to meet a specific demand and is offered for sale on the website.  

Order: The submission of a request for the purchase of goods and services in accordance with the website's list of available goods and services.  

The service that delivers clients' orders is known as a delivery service. 

Dispositions in general 

1.1. HURRICANE SWIMMING POOLS TRADING L.L.C. is the owner and operator of this website.  

1.2. The customer accepts the terms and conditions for the sale of products (hereafter, "Terms and Conditions") set forth below when placing an order in the online store.  

1.3 Both the information about the products listed on the site and these Terms and Conditions are open to the public. After reading the terms of the transaction, the buyer agrees them by checking the box next to the sentence that reads, "By clicking here, I state that I have read and understand the terms and conditions."  

1.4. The Consumer Protection Law and other normative acts adopted in accordance with it serve as the foundation for the relationship between the buyer and the supplier. 

1.5. The Customer is required to periodically check the Terms and Conditions as the Seller maintains the right to make modifications.  

1.6. In the final step of registering the order on the website, the client confirms that they have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking the "Confirm the order" button. 

Signing up on the website 

2.1 The accuracy and reliability of the information given by the client during registration are not the seller's responsibility.  

Registration of orders and delivery dates 

3.1. The customer's order can be picked up in one of the following ways: over the phone or online, after being registered.  

3.2. The customer must enter the following details when registering the order:  

- The first and last name of the customer or order receiver 

- Order delivery address  

- Contact phone  

- E-mail.  

3.3. The Delivery Service notifies the customer of the anticipated date of delivery of the order after registering the order. The ordered products must be on hand at the seller's warehouse by the specified date, and processing the order will take some time.  

3.5. All educational content on the site is advisory in nature and falls short of accurately describing the features and qualities of the products. Prior to placing an order, the customer should call the Call Centre Information Service included in the Contacts section if he has any queries about the features and specs of the products.   

3.6. The seller has the right to cancel an order and notify the customer by phone or email if the requested goods is not in stock at the time of purchase.  

3.7 In the event that the Prepaid Order is cancelled, the cost of the cancelled product is reimbursed to the customer in the same way that it was paid for initially.  


4.1. The website lists the several ways that the things will be delivered.  

4.2. The seller will try to adhere to the delivery requirements indicated on the website, but there is a chance that delivery could be delayed for reasons outside of the seller's control (congested traffic, public holidays, etc.). 

4.3. As soon as the customer accepts delivery of the goods and signs the delivery confirmation paperwork, the risk of unintentional loss or damage to the product is transferred to him.  

4.4. The shipping fee is determined for each order separately, depending on the delivery mode, the delivery area, and occasionally, the payment method. It is stated at the time the order is registered on the website. 

4.5. The product is delivered to the customer or the designated recipient of the order at the moment of delivery. The product is shipped to the person who is prepared to provide order details (such as the recipient's full name and/or the order's origin number) and pay the delivery person in full if the person is unable to receive the item, which must be paid for in cash.  

4.6. Upon receiving the order, the customer must inspect the integrity, quantity, and external look of the product, as well as the packing. 

Order payment is made 

5.1. Information about the product's price can be found on the website. When a customer's order contains an inaccurate price, the seller will get in touch with them as quickly as possible to either confirm the order at the proper price or to cancel it. If getting in touch with the customer is impossible, this order is regarded as cancelled.  

5.2. The seller has the right to unilaterally alter the product's pricing.   

5.3. The website's "Payment methods" section lists the available payment options for the products. The method the customer selected from all accepted payment methods while submitting the order is referred to as the agreed payment method. 

5.5. When using a bank card to purchase a product, the bank authenticates the transaction. The bank has the right to reject this operation if it has cause to suspect that it is fraudulent.  

5.7. The fees charged from the consumer or buyer for the transaction of electronic payment of the value of the goods and/or services represent the consumer's or buyer's will, are negotiated between the user of the payment services and the provider of the payment service, and are only intended to cover the actual costs of the payment service provider. settlement services. 

5.7.1 The consumer or buyer has the option to select a different payment method from the "Payment methods" section if they choose to reject the transaction of electronic payment of the value of the goods and/or services with the associated commissions.  

5.7.3. The collection of a revocation commission in the amount of the same commission charged for the payment of the services and goods entails the restitution of the value of the products and services using the same method of obtaining the financial means. 

Returning procedure 

6.1. If a client or buyer is dissatisfied with the product's quality, he or she has the right to get in touch with our customer support staff.   

6.2. If a client or buyer believes they have received the wrong product, they have the right to get in touch with our customer service department.  

All inquiries will be handled in accordance with the company's return policy.   

Privacy guidelines 

7.1. The customer must enter the following details when placing an order on the website www.waterstore.ae: last name, first name, delivery address, email address, and phone number.  

7.2. By giving the site access to personal information, the customer agrees to the processing of that information by the seller, including for the purpose of promoting the site's goods and services. 

7.3. Utilization of data supplied by the customer and retained by the seller.  

7.3.1. The Seller uses the information gathered to: carry out its duties to the Customer; assess and assess the operation of the site.  

7.4. Disclosure of Knowledge that the Seller Has Obtained:  

7.4.1 The Seller is required to keep the information obtained from the Customer confidential. 

7.4.2. The client must understand that no information given for the execution of this service will be divulged to unapproved people or websites. The disclosure of personal information at the request of the court or the UAE's competent authorities may be an exception. The confidentiality of the customer's personal information is the Seller's responsibility. The customer must offer accurate information. The supplier is not liable for the information given and any potential repercussions if the client submits false information. 

7.4.3. Safety precautions To prevent unauthorised access, protect data accuracy, and guarantee the proper use of information on the site, we employ commercial security methods. It is impossible to fully safeguard data transfer over the Internet or a wireless network. As a result, just like other businesses, we are unable to guarantee the security of the information the Customer submits; as a result, he does so at his own risk. 

7.5. The merchant is allowed to employ the "cookies" technique. We use "cookies" to monitor visitors to our website and gather specific information about the Customer. Sites frequently employ this technique to enhance user identification. A small amount of data known as "cookies" is transmitted by the client's browser and saved on the computer's hard drive. They are sent when a customer uses a computer to access our website. If the Customer does not remove cookies, the server will be notified each time he accesses our website using the same computer, and we may gather statistical data about the Customer's actions on the website. 

7.6. The vendor is informed of the IP address of a user who visits the www.waterstore.ae website. The visitor cannot be identified using this information.  

7.7. Minor users - We do not aim to offer products to children in accordance with existing law, and usage of the site and its information is intended for adult users only. The same Privacy Policy, however, is applied to visitors of all ages because we are unable to determine the precise age of those who visit our website.