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Astralpool standard Nano Projector light for fountains Ø 40, 3W Astralpool standard Nano Projector light for fountains Ø 40, 3W
Brand: AstralPool,Power, W: 3 Category: Pond & Fountain Equipment
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AstralPool Cascade Swivel fountain nozzle Ø 35 mm AstralPool Cascade Swivel fountain nozzle Ø 35 mm
Brand: AstralPool Category: Pond & Fountain Equipment
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Aqua Industrial Laminar Jet FL-25 fountain nozzle Aqua Industrial Laminar Jet FL-25 fountain nozzle
Brand: Aqua Industrial Group Category: Pond & Fountain Equipment
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Aqua Industrial Aquarius filter with side mounted valve D950 mm 35 m3/h Aqua Industrial Aquarius filter with side mounted valve D950 mm 35 m3/h
Brand: Aqua Industrial Group,Flow rate, m3/h: 35,Valve type: side mounted Category: Pond & Fountain Equipment
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Aqua Industrial pool mosaic AQ2304, 23 x 23 mm Aqua Industrial pool mosaic AQ2304, 23 x 23 mm
Brand: Aqua Industrial Group,Type: Mosaic Category: Pond & Fountain Equipment

Consulting a specialist to understand the technical aspects of a fountain construction, as this category includes several thousand SKUs which are necessary to complete and build a fountain irrespective of its size or type is always recommended, we promise to deliver the best results considering your ideas and budget. In some cases, customer tends to consult a third party, who may not be an expert on the technical aspects and may end up with a quotation way higher without giving the results expected by a customer as a result of selecting and suggesting parts that are a misfit. 

Choose and buy fountain equipment correctly: 

  • Fountain Nozzles: Selecting an incorrect nozzle which is not capable of creating the water pattern requested in the project. Nozzle diameter, connection diameter, jet height and shape, and water inlet pressure are the most important parameters for each type of nozzle. Two nozzles with almost the same appearance made by different manufacturers can significantly vary in technical characteristics. The customer's cost estimating department rarely pays attention to this in the pursuit of a more affordable price. 
  • Fountain pump: The calculation of the pump capacity is a complex task. To get the right amount of water with the necessary pressure at each fountain nozzle, it is essential to take into consideration many parameters. For example, by optimizing estimates, the customer replaces the submersible pump with a "dry" one with the same capacity and performance, forgetting to take into account the increased hydraulic losses. A Submersible pump is placed in a fountain bowl, where the water intake is without resistance, and water supply is through the pipeline with a minimum distance from the nozzle. A dry pump, on the other hand, is always in the technical room at a distance of 5–15 meters from the fountain bowl. Before changing a pump type from one to another it is imperative to calculate the configuration of lines – calculated using the pipe diameters, and the number of points of intake and supply accurately, this will help us understand and consider the hydraulic losses of the line-both for water intake and supply. 
  • Piping Needs: To achieve the "passport" parameters of all pumps and nozzles in a fountain, it is important to comply with several critical requirements in the design of the pipeline. Water velocity is the most important aspect. On the main lines of the fountain, the speed of flow should not exceed 1 m/sec. Before the water is supplied to the nozzles, its speed should already be no more than 0.6 m / s. The form of lines should be a simple, ensuring the accessibility for cleaning of them after a prolonged use.  
  • Fountain lights: The Key parameters for choosing lights are, the power, the ability to control colour via DMX protocol, and its durability. Lighting fixtures from well-known and reputable manufacturers should not often be swapped out for less expensive equivalents from lesser-known companies. Some reasonably priced devices likewise entail non-standard plugs, work with fastener "fitting" and a lifetime lottery of sorts. Any one of the chain's malfunctioning lamps has the potential to send a "damaged" DMX signal to the line, which would break the fountain's whole collection of lights. Draining the fountain, re-connecting all of its underwater connections, checking the functionality, and refilling the fountain basin are all necessary when replacing one fixture. Imagine that during a working season, 5–10 fixtures will be out of order (this is not fiction), and you'll be required to follow all the aforementioned steps. 
  • Fountain filtration: Filtration in fountains and embedded components. It's essential that you precisely determine a filtration system's capacity, the location of water intake and supply points in the fountain bowl, as well as how simple it will be to maintain. The system with automatic control of chemical dosing for water purification and sand-gravel filters with automatic cleaning by timer will be the most practical. Moreover, pay attention to any pressure signals coming from the filtration capacity. Because urban fountains are designed to have a service life of at least 15–20 years, embedded components must be durable. Several mounting and demounting operations must be performed on all embedded elements while maintaining the integrity and dependability of all connections and assemblies. 

We offer fountain equipment for all varieties of fountains, featuring basic designs and customized versions with light and music, movement, and pedestrian appeal. Equipment selection for the construction of the fountain in the urban park needs to be more exact and thorough. Fountain water supply and pumping equipment are uniquely estimated based on the project's specifications and location. For said tasks, there are no tried-and-true, typical solutions. Equipment for the pedestrian fountain is needed for the precise calculation. Such water items are designed with both the installation location and the water pattern specified. Each item's pricing in the fountain equipment set is determined separately.