Coloured pool shell equipment: new black in swimming pool construction

Colored pool shell equipment: new black in swimming pool construction

The color of the shell is typically one of the last considerations when beginning the design process for a swimming pool. However, it's also one of the most significant—at least in terms of visual appearance. If you make a wise choice, the color you pick will affect not just the atmosphere created around the pool, but also the potential boost in value your pool may bring. Different colors can create a variety of visual effects, from bright and eye-catching to subtle and calming. Additionally, the right color can be used to highlight other design elements, such as landscaping or tiles.

However, there are a lot of color options, so picking the right one might be challenging. To make the process easier, it's important to consider the overall look and feel you want to achieve. Consider the other colors and elements in the design, as well as the tone and emotions you want to evoke. With these factors in mind, the choice of color will become much easier.

Your pool's color will always be a key component. It affects the atmosphere around the pool, but it can also have a significant impact on the pool's worth. As a result, you should pick a color that complements the design of your backyard, whether you want it to stand out or blend in with the rest of your yard.

The same concept also applies to the pool shell equipment, which is set in the pool basin and serves as a fence, a means of returning water to the filter, and a method of waterproofing the pool with pipes. The components of the pool shell equipment are constructed of stainless steel and plastic.  The way it appears and looks might have an impact on your pool's overall appeal.


It is a device for collecting water from its upper layers. Using the skimmer is a constant water intake to the filter along with all the waste, which is on the surface. As a result, the pool is set to few skimmers The skimmer should be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging. The number of skimmers is determined by the size and shape of the pool. Skimmers are also used to trap debris before it reaches the filter system.

AstralPool Standard Skimmer 15L Biege AstralPool Slim Skimmer 17.5L Anthracite Grey Pentair admiral S15 circular weit skimmer

Overflow Gratings

A fantastic finishing touch and ideal overflow mechanism are provided by a contemporary overflow grating at the pool's edge. Additionally, it is used to hide the drain that runs alongside the pools. High-grade polymers are used in their construction. Pool gratings make sure that overflowing water is directed down the drain and avoid falls into the pool drain. The water in such an overflow pool isn't drawn in by the skimmer; instead, it is kept in a "storage tank." The water is then purified and returned to the pool via a variety of return inlets (floor & multi-flow).

AstralPool overflow grating brown AstralPool Ivory modular curved grating AstralPool overflow grating blue


The nozzle skimmer performs the opposite action – it returns the treated water back into the pool. The size and number of nozzles also depend on the dimension of the pool. The nozzles create a gentle current that moves the water through the filtration system. This helps to ensure that the pool is properly filtered and sanitized. The nozzles also help to circulate the water in the pool, which helps to keep it clean and comfortable.

AstralPool suction noozle Pentair wall inlet black AstralPool vacuum nozzle light grey

Main Drain

This element is used to drain the water in the pool fence and its filtration. There is a stereotype that sink performs the same function as the drain in whole in the bathroom but it’s not connected to the sewer, and the filter attached to the principal. Using the bottom drain allow you to take to filter the water with waste, which sank the bottom, and just as quickly drained from the pool at all. This provides an efficient and cost-effective way to keep the pool clean and allow for quick and easy draining. It also prevents blockages and other damage caused by debris and sediment build-up.


AstralPool maindrain anthracite grey AstralPool maindrain antivortex AstralPool norm maindrain light grey

Wall Conduit

Filtration systems for swimming pools require wall conduits in addition to inlets. Some sealed elements, including discharge nozzles and suction sockets, are installed using wall outlets. The filtration system should be designed and installed to provide the necessary flow rate, pressure, and circulation of pool water. The system should also be equipped with a backwash valve to periodically clean the filter. Finally, the system should be regularly maintained to ensure it is running efficiently.

Pentair ABS wall conduit AstralPool PVC wall conduit

Wrapping it up!

Nowadays, swimming pool design adopts color variation These shade variants can be used to create visual effects such as a shimmering effect on the water surface or to create a more vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Color variation also offers the opportunity to customize the pool design according to the individual's preference.

No matter what color you choose for your swimming pool—white, black, grey, tan, or another—each one has a different impact on it. Some colors work better in certain settings than others. White reflects sunlight, which can help keep the water cooler. Dark colors absorb more sunlight, which can help keep the water warmer. Light colors can make the pool appear bigger, while dark colors can make it seem smaller.

The color of your pool's shell equipment adds elegance and presence, but it must also match your personal style. Choose the right color to create a unique atmosphere. Consider color combinations that will make your pool stand out. Bright colors work great for a modern, vibrant look, while more muted colors can provide a calming, relaxing atmosphere.

It's vital to keep in mind that the color palettes you see online or on a site visit are not the same color you'll see when the pool is installed in your backyard and filled with water. A pool shell that is sand-colored, for instance, will actually turn green after it is filled with water. You can learn what to anticipate from your neighborhood swimming pool builder. If possible, view a swimming pool with the same colors in your area. Finally, keep in mind that the color of the pool is not the only factor in achieving a beautiful poolscape; the design, landscaping, and lighting can all play a role in creating a stunning outdoor space.