Public and entertainment pools - Design and construction

Any public complex, hotel, resort, or amusement park would be incomplete without a pool. A modern hotel or apartment building in the UAE cannot be imagined nowadays without its own swimming pool. The layout, the materials, the immaculate water quality—all of these factors leave an impression on visitors and provide your facility a competitive edge.

We supply the equipment, pool system design, and technological calculations for amusement and public pools, including wave pools, surfing pools, slow or fast rivers. We have designed hundreds of communities and athletic pools throughout the course of our more than 15 years in the field.

Our technical answers for specifically designed public swimming pools are all carefully computed. Using the most up-to-date machinery from Europe, we take into account a variety of factors and needs for the construction site in the UAE. The equipment is chosen based on a variety of factors, including the anticipated number of visitors, the most recent water filtration and disinfection regulations, the capacity of the technical setup and its connection to other elements, and the estimated cost of the pool or aquatic area as a whole. We work with the top equipment manufacturers in Europe. They have been put in several water and entertainment parks and have proven themselves over time.

With more than 30,000 pieces of pool equipment in our warehouse in the UAE, you can quickly construct a swimming pool of any size.

Water parks - Design and Construction

From a small hotel water park to large-scale projects spanning hundreds of thousands of square feet, we provide design services for water parks and entertainment facilities of any complexity. The United Arab Emirates' technical regulations are followed in the development of every design documents. The most crucial considerations are the future facility's operational lifetime, visitor safety, and the overall cost of equipment and construction. First and foremost, the project's experience, construction methods, materials, and technical solutions will determine the project's quality of materials and equipment, safety, and operational features. A water park is a commercial product, and its success depends on how many happy feelings its visitors have.

With more than 15 years of combined experience, our team uses the most cutting-edge water attractions and technologies to produce the most thrilling projects. For the development and operation of hotel water parks as well as those that operate independently, we provide equipment and cutting-edge technology. You may order and purchase water slides and kiddie water towers from us. For you, our designers will build a special thematic layout with a customized configuration of each attraction.

The equipment required for the wave pool, equipment for fast or slow rivers, aqua-disco, and much more will be chosen. For complexes with wet areas, we offer design, equipment, and technology solutions for checkpoints, lockers, changing rooms, and payment systems.

We manufacture interior decor for water parks and sports pools using weatherproof HPL plastic. Every piece of furniture has been approved for use around water parks and swimming pools. We individually create HPL, including check rooms and lockers, contactless readers, turnstiles and gates, locking systems for check rooms and lockers at water parks, and wristbands for entrance and payment.

All the equipment we provide will make it much easier for your visitors to use the facility. The complex owner will value having exact control over business and financial activities on the water park's property.

Fountains - Design and Construction

For your location and operating requirements in the United Arab Emirates, we will assist you in selecting the appropriate sort of fountain. We shall decide together what the object's necessary purpose is. The fountain may serve as the focal point of the overall architectural ensemble and setting, or it may serve a "second" purpose by merely bringing attention to the architectural features. Our team is prepared to put nearly any idea into practice and "make" the water move along a specified trajectory invisibly, brightly, dynamically, and spectacularly.    

It is not a simple process to choose the proper type of fountain among the many offers. All fountains can be divided into three major categories based on their design and operation. Water merely serves to highlight the architectural component of artistic or sculptural fountains, which is the fundamental function of the construction. The Middle Ages' classical architectural ensembles feature a lot of fountains of this style. These days, fountains with this design are used to highlight how valuable the sculptor's creation is.  The fountain construction that is used most frequently is one in which water and its pattern take center stage. The fountain bowl collects water technically; it is typically kept as simple as possible to avoid drawing attention away from the flow and trajectory of the water, which is what matters most. In order to collect water, a bowl is placed beneath the walking surface in what are known as "dry fountains" or "pedestrian fountains," which are more frequently ordered by our clients. Only the interaction of water, light, and colour that towers over the sidewalk or square is visible to spectators.

The combined type is the third and most prevalent one. The architectural component and the drawing of the water have equal importance in these buildings. The architectural approach highlights the water pattern, the movements of the water, and how spectacularly the movement of light appears against the backdrop of the motionless sculpture.